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About NCRS


About NCRS

Mission Statement

Our mission in National Childcare Residential Services is to provide a high standard of care that is responsive to the individual needs of each young person taking into consideration their background and development. We view the young person as separate from their behaviour. Within a child centered, safe and supportive environment we strive to promote a sense of responsibility in the young person by dealing with their experiences to gain an understanding of their lives, personality and behaivour to offer them hope in the future.

National Childcare Residential Services focuses on development and attachment issues. We value the working and developing relationship with the young people as the context within which difficulties can be systematically facilitated and explored.

We promote the importance of participation of family members in all aspects of the young person’s life. We will actively encourage and facilitate this involvement where deemed appropriate for the health, development and well being of the child.

National Childcare Residential Services (NCRS)

National Childcare Residential Services (NCRS) was set up in 2007. Our ethos is under- pinned by empowerment, partnership, respect and education. We focus on how the young person forms attachments.

National Childcare Residential Services has adopted a multitude of approaches in working with young people. NCRS offer a wide range of interventions and programmes specifically tailored to incorporate the individualised placement plan which is derived from the care plan. We aim to empower the young people to develop coping strategies and life skills in order for them to make appropriate life choices which will further enhance their ability to relate and communicate within society. We recognise that young people’s lives continue after they leave any care placement, therefore NCRS are committed to providing additional support through outreach and family support.


The Directors of National Childcare Residential Services are Gary Cullen and Clive Lyons, both have worked in residential care for the last 17 years, Gary has previously worked for the HSE for over 11 years in various residential care homes, as well as managing units in the private sector. Gary was also the Director of Services for 2 years within the private sector. During this period, he has managed an assessment and treatment centre that specialises in inappropriate sexualised behaviour.
Clive has previously worked for the HSE for over 13 years, in that time he has managed various residential units in the community, Clive was also the Deputy Director of Care in Ballydowd Special Care Unit for 2 years.


The staff team at National Childcare Residential Services are professional, motivated and child-centred. All staff are trained in TCI, Children’s First, First aid and Fire Safety Training. NCRS also provide on-going in-service training.

National Childcare Residential Services provide a 24 hour on-call service, ensuring that a senior member of staff is constantly accessible by telephone. Senior staff are always available to support the residential team.

Referral Process

Referrals are accepted from social workers from all Health Service Executive areas. It is necessary for a completed referral form and up to date care plan to be provided.
Following an assessment of all relevant information, a decision may be made as to the suitability of the referral.

Admission Process

NCRS have an admission process of 1-2 weeks; however, this can be adapted to suit a young person’s needs.